Our Mission

To stop child abuse, neglect and exploitation as we strengthen our community by advocating for our children through prevention, education and intervention, using a collaborative, multi-disciplinary, child-friendly approach.

Our Vision

Safe Children. Strong Families. Secure Community.

What We Do

The Center coordinates child-oriented procedures to protect abused children. The Center provides a place for effective  interviews that are sensitive to the child's immediate and future needs while  still promoting the flow of information needed to determine if prosecution of an  adult is warranted. The immediate care of the child, the interviews necessary to  substantiate the abuse and the initiation of mental health procedures are all  coordinated under one roof, the Center.

Board of Directors

Shane Jackson, Chair

Aaron Abbott, First Vice Chair

Lori Leap, Second Vice Chair

Carole Wade, Secretary

Kem Keithly, Treasurer

Dustin Albright, Enid Police Department

Tom Andrew

Stacy Boyd

Emily Cooper

Jeff Crites

Beth Culver

Juan Gonzalez

William Hann

Michael Fields, District Attorney

Tina Frazer, DHS

Lori Leap, Enid Public Schools

Randy Long, Enid Chamber of Commerce

Jeff McGehee

Jackie Melson

Terry Mote

Jade Powell, CDSA

Brian O’Rourke

Michael Roberts, Court Appointment

Carrie Sanders, YWCA

Dan Schiedel, United Way

Bobbie Smith, Garfield Co. Health Dept.

Polly Watkins

Karen Whitson

Bill Word